The New Myth and The Shadow

The New Myth and The Shadow


 Your Place in the New Myth

We all have the great opportunity to be living in a time of the emerging new myth. Up to now, most of our familiar myths have been centered around separation and duality: light and dark, good and bad, beauty and ugliness, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, King Arthur and the Black Knight. In this new myth, we have access to a much broader perspective, this new myth focuses on integrating polarities and, in so doing, contributes to individual and planetary evolution.

The most important aspect we are currently facing in our individual and collective evolutionary process is integrating the polarities of masculine and feminine. Bringing the full embodiment of our Divine masculine and Divine feminine aspects brings us into a state of Wholeness.


We are no longer seeking for love or acceptance out there. We no longer honor parts of ourselves just because society says it’s ok, and dishonor parts of ourself that we are told are “bad” or “dark.” For most people, including myself, we were never taught to express ourselves fully and to honor our emotions just as much as our intellect.

Our emotions are a powerful tool that allows us to feel and sense the environment around us. When our emotions are balanced we can see clearly and feel  all emotions powerfully, yet we are rarely swept away by them in reactivity.

Our intellect can be a  powerful tool to observe reality objectively and make sound decisions. When our intellect is out of balance we can get stuck in ego based thoughts and rationalize anything to serve our needs. You can rationalize your self right out of love or into false love. If you have to think about love and question if it’s love, STOP. BREATH. GET INTO YOUR HEART AND FEEL.

Trust your heart. Trust your Instincts.

 This new myth we are writing is about integrating and reclaiming the lost aspects of our self. Integrating our heart (feelings/emotions) and our mind (Intellect/decision making). Integrating our feminine nature of acceptance, compassion, nourishment, vulnerability and intuition with our masculine nature of taking right action, standing for truth, being assertive, piercing through the darkness of ignorance not with a sword, but with lightness, levity, humor and an invitation.

You are the modern myth, creating your epic story through every thought, word, deed and action you take in this world. To live mythically means to make choices from your true Self or soul essence, rather than from ego alone. This encourages you to reveal who you really are.  Your personal myth grows naturally from an awareness that you came to Earth with a purpose, a Master Plan. When you live in accordance with your soul and the Universe all your actions align perfectly with your desire to fulfill your destiny, your part in the larger myth of humankind.

The Wisdom of the Shadow

The most important and practical way we can begin integrating polarities is through “Shadow” work.



The shadows are all the aspects of yourself that have been disowned within you or are unconscious to you. They are your fears, doubts, difficulties, insecurities, and blocks that your ego will say are “bad.” These aspects of yourself in actuality are a very potent creative force.


The disowned or unconscious parts of ourselves (most often indicated by our “charged” reactions to people and situations)  are truly the keepers of great wisdom. Shadow is simply the unseen face of light. Through working with it, you are provided the opportunity of healing yourself and living a more fully integrated life.

Often there is great intensity associated with shadow issues:; Intensity merely indicates something that is asking to be recognized and transformed. Free yourself from the viewpoint of difficulty, drama, and struggle. Reinterpret this process as the vital creative force needed for change and growth. As you integrate your shadow issues and become more “transparent,” the projections of others begin to literally pass through you without creating charged reactions or emotional hurts. Working with the shadow has another benefit, too: in transforming ourselves, we help to transform others and the Earth.

This work contains excerpts and inspiration from The Mayan Oracle: Return Path to the Stars by Ariel Spilsbury and  Michael Bryner. 

About the Author

David Beaudry

Teacher, Visionary, Poet, Lover. I am apart of a group of Universal Mentors teaching spiritual technologies and techniques to unlock your unlimited potential!



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