The New Hue-man: Change Your Mind, Change The World.

The New Hue-man: Change Your Mind, Change The World.



Great beyond description is His Infinite Wisdom.

This is the mantra of ecstasy. This mantra means “indescribably great is God’s infinite, ultimate wisdom.” Jio is an affectionate, but still respectful, variation of the word Ji, which means soul. The word Jio sends the message directly to the soul. “O my soul. God is!” This mantra causes a very subtle rub against the center of the upper palate and stimulates the meridian known in the West as the Christ Meridian Point, and in the East as Sattvica Buddha Bindu. With this mantra you can rewrite your destiny.

I was awakened from sleep by this beautiful mantra on the morning of the Winter solstice and filled with indescribable peace, and ecstatic love. I have only heard this mantra once in my life, but it activated something deep within my soul. After looking it up I found that this mantra comes from the Kundalini Yoga tradition has great spiritual power. I continued to chant this mantra as I awoke until there was nothing left of me, for I dissolved into the expanse of the universe, feeling of deep connection to all things and all beings.

There is a New Hue-Man being born within us all.

The “Hue” in human represents the many hues, colors and races of man and woman. As human beings we are the rainbow tribe, bridging the old paradigm and ushering in the new paradigm of compassion on planet earth. If you are reading this then you are one of the many who are waking up now as Wayshower’s and guides for the collective awakening of humankind. It is time to call upon your spiritual strength, your higher self, and your future self that is already fully enlightened, so that you may be guided into higher alignment with your soul path. You are being guided to embody your full God-Consciousness in this moment and every moment there after. It is time to express yourself authentically with no doubts that you were born at this time with a divine purpose. We are existing in the current death of an outdated system that does not support sustainable life while at the same time living with the New Consciousness of unconditional love in our hearts. This is quite an amazing time and although the external world does not fully reflect your inner knowing, realize it’s only a matter of time.

Stay in your heart, be the eye of the storm and know that I AM with you.

You are being supported by God, the Universe, your higher self and many seen and unseen Masters of Light from all traditions who are here to assist you in this transition to living in the heart. There are thousands of individuals just like you awakening to there fullest potential as divine hue-man beings. The threshold is at hand and 2012 promises to be a breakthrough in the of awakening collective consciousness. This does not mean that it will be a cake walk of paths littered with gold sunshine and smiles everywhere you go. There will be both light and darkness in the times ahead. All it means is that if you stay in your heart, spend time to quite your mind and tune into the Universal essence inside you, then the shift has already happened. The peace you’re searching for is in you now. The love you’re searching for is in you now. As the old world crumbles around you, you will have the strength and courage to stand tall in your divine Truth like a mountain,  knowing that death is an illusion and our soul’s are immortal. Allow your ego to melt and give way to your soul’s purpose.

Celebrate life. Don’t fear death.

Celebrate your love and live your passion. Dance. Sing. Laugh. Create heartfelt community.Don’t give away your power to those things that feed into fear, lack and limitation. You are unlimited and you’ve come to this Earth to experience all things. You’ve come to this Earth to express your authentic self and feel the wide range of human emotions. In this grand movie you are the actor and the co-director of your experience. If there is something you truly desire in this world, go for it 110%, leave no stone unturned, and then you’ll learn your lesson from having fulfilled that desire and you will know that there are greater spiritual understandings waiting for you. There is always more unfolding in your soul, for the nature of the Universe is constant birth and unfoldment to higher degrees of coherence.

Change your mind, and you change the world.

The most important thing to cultivate at this time is learning how to center in your heart. As we learn the language of the heart we change our trajectory from one of destruction to one of rejuvenation. For this transformation to take place, one must learn to meditate, “go into your Heart” and access the inner wisdom of the Universe. It is the only way, it is THE WAY.


Love you all!

About the Author

David Beaudry

Teacher, Visionary, Poet, Lover. I am apart of a group of Universal Mentors teaching spiritual technologies and techniques to unlock your unlimited potential!

  1. Samantha Lenora says

    Powerful, my brother, POWERFUL! Thank you for you dedication in service to the LIGHT. You are making such a beautiful difference in our existence! Much Love, Samantha Lenora


    • David Beaudry says

      Love and Blessings to you dear sister!! Your presence on this Earth is greatly appreciated and know that I am always here. I feel your Heart and your Truth. Thanks for being such a Pillar of light. Time to fly!


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