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Cosmic Love

Cosmic Love’s, Got my heart beating, breathing in, seeing the universe within, Her eyes. It’s no surprise, we combine sun and moon, to become God realized. Observe the demise of the ego, as we go, flying into night sky’s, Inter-dimensionally, traveling, unraveling, galactic mysteries with gene keys, unlocking the genetic code to God. The God […]


The Love State

This love state, this love thing, isn’t for the mind to grasp, let it go, hear your heart sing. Take a breath, You are the living enlightenment. Living in the heart, You’ve now heightened, Your awareness, Declare this, Your first kiss, of the Divine. As we shed light into the dark, shining light makes it […]


Leaving- Poem by Rumi

Every moment love arrives from all sides, but no more sightseeing. We are leaving for pure emptiness, traveling with friends we once lived with, beyond angels, beyond spirit, to our home city of majesty. Load up. Say goodbye to this dusty place. A young luck rides at the head of us. Giving up the soul […]


The Core of Being

At the core of our Being lies an Inner Light, A knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that this Life is a gift. The Buddha once said, “Rare is it to be born a human, rarer is it to here of enlightenment, rarer still is it to seek enlightenment.” Breath in and empty your […]