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Ancient Chinese Qigong Healing — Strengthens the Body and Cures Disease

Danica Collins For thousands of years, ancient cultures have understood the curative powers of movement and breathing. In the West, yoga and tai chi have captured the attention of the public and the media, especially with celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Matthew McConaughey stretching for the camera. But it’s the 5,000-year-old tradition of Qigong healing that’s quietly […]


The New Hue-man: Change Your Mind, Change The World.

WAHE GURU WAHE JIO Great beyond description is His Infinite Wisdom. This is the mantra of ecstasy. This mantra means “indescribably great is God’s infinite, ultimate wisdom.” Jio is an affectionate, but still respectful, variation of the word Ji, which means soul. The word Jio sends the message directly to the soul. “O my soul. […]


My Beloved and The Romantic Ideal

The Romantic Ideal, Of reciting love sonnets, to Shakespeare, drinking Blue bonnet, Espresso, Helping to peel, The layers of sleep from my loveless eyes. Two leaves and a Bud, Budding life, Your love grows like rose, Petals, petaling their golden toes, on the broadway shows of my heart, So when, I think of how it […]


Healthy Nutrition Tips for Traveling

Q: What advice can you give my clients and I on eating healthy while traveling? A: Often when we travel, we think that it is ok to let our nutritional-guard down – either because we like to indulge, and see traveling as an excuse to do so, or because we feel like we are at the […]