My Qigong is on a whole new level!

I credit your personal training for taking my Qigong to a whole new level. The “private lesson” with you has completely changed my Qigong practice. Your dedication and willingness to share your knowledge, energy and love was felt by all.

After my training with you I successfuly passed my qigong instructor certififcation.

I wanted to share my success story with you.

About 6 weeks ago the Doctor said he thought I might consider blood pressure medicine because it was creeping higher and I was now 58.  He told me to weigh everyday and check my blood pressure every week and come back in 6 weeks.  My blood pressure started out around 135/90.After 3 1/2 weeks of Qigong, Advanced 9-Breath Method and Smoothies – everyday.

My blood pressure is now 109/70 and I’ve lost 8 lbs and have more energy than I can remember.  WOW!  Food and Air and Qigong Movement really are medicine.
Dan Landis – Asheville, NC



Improve your bottom line and priceless discovery

As a business man David Beaudry can help you to improve your bottom line, as a human being what David can help you to discover about yourself is priceless. I live with what a doctor would describe as a severe case of Attention Deficit Disorder, I would prefer to call it “Busy Brain”. As an entrepreneur this can be a gift and a curse. After, trying just about every type of medication with no results I turned to David for help after attending one of his wellness workshops in San Diego. Through, his Intergral Qi training, breath work, and nutrition recommendations I have increased energy, better focus, and lower stress levels, which has helped me to turn my busy brain into bigger profits. Not to mention I lost 80 lbs and am in the best shape I have I have ever been in my life, which did wonders for my personal life. In my opinon, you will meet very few people in life who have the ability to change your life, David Beaudry is one of them.

Carter Kash
Carter Kash Consulting


He is truly filled with light!

I met David when I was trying to get in shape for a half marathon.  Soon after meeting him I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  He helped me scale back my workouts, as I was determined to work out during my treatment.  He also helped me deal with the fear of the situation and keep that light at the end of the tunnel.  When chemo ended we went on a mission to get back in shape and learn to take better care of my body through physical fitness, good nutrition and strong spirit.  We are now best of friends and I would recommend him to anyone of any age or stage of life.

Tammie P
Pleasant Hill, CA

TRX training in the park

TRX training in the park

You really have taught me so much about training, nutrition, spiritual development and living healthy in general. You really are quite amazing at what you do!  Anyone who can get ME – the most uncoordinated person on land EVER – to run, jump, and do a headstand is a straight up miracle worker. Thank you.

I used to have major shoulder and back problems but because of the modified workouts Dave has created for me, my shoulders and back are as strong as they ever have been. Dave has the uncanny ability of formulating endless workouts that are fun and challenging. I am now enjoying what it really feels like to “be in shape!”

— Michelle W. - San Leandro Police Department, CA

kyle (1)

The New Integrated Man

David is a shining example of the new Integrated Man.  His balanced strength, sensitivity and integrity serves as a model for us all to take responsibility for our health and well being. David is a gifted teacher, who walks the walk and inspires us all to reach our highest potential.

— Kyle Shinners, CMT, ABT San Diego, CA

joshua (1)

Empower your career!

As a lawyer I have to manage my stress and anxiety in high pressure situations daily, and Qi Gong allows me to do just that while keeping my energy explosive. I feel more balanced in the court room, public speaking, meeting with large clients, and representing myself and clients as a result of David Beaudry and Qi Gong. After two years with David Beaudry I can honestly say my body, mind, and spirit have evolved. I am in great shape and I feel like I did in my twenties, my mind is clear, and my energy is constant. Do Qi Gong for yourself and others; the world needs you to do this.

I now have the body I have always wanted, the mind to enjoy it, and the spirit to animate it; and that has energized my ability create to create the litigation practice of my dreams, with the big clients that I have always wanted.

Life is just different when you are filled with energy.

— Joshua D. Naggar, J.D., A.P. Fmr. Sgt. U.S.M.C.


I feel so profondly changed!

I got great news to report from the Doc!

According to my most recent tests my heart has shrank back by 27%, which were failing 2 1/2 years ago and dysfunctioning have now healed to the point they won’t call it a problem anymore. Comparing my heart 2 1/2 yrs. ago it’s like they two seperate entities! I really think between my workouts and the Qigong you’ve taught me has really made a difference.

My doctor says all my blood values are textbook perfect, usually with my heart problem there would be something pointing to it. I find it an interesting corallation that I started getting so much better the same time I started Qigong with you. I really think between my workouts and the Qigong you’ve taught me has really made a difference. Many, many thanks! It’s probably the most peace and calm that I’ve known in my life. I am in a very different place than I was mentally in just a few years! I have been having so much baggage falling off of me since I came back from the Qi Revolution event that you lead in San Diego. I’ve had a lot of amazing things happen recently! I feel so profondly changed! Thanks for all your help!

Bill Riley
Walnut Creek, CA

Mary N.

Attitude and Strength

I am a 57 year old female who never saw herself as an athlete or beauty queen, I have received far more than just health benefits from training with David.

The benefits to me have been several: 1) attitude—I feel confident that I can handle myself in most situations requiring strength and coordination, in backpacking, cycling, and kayaking, my chosen recreational activities; 2) strength—David says I am stronger than most women half my age. I still can’t do one pull-up or chin-up, but I can do things I could never do before, like 100 pushups in 30 minutes!  Who knew?!  3) stamina—through periodic high-intensity workouts, I am marking progress in prolonged and hard exercise; 4) good health—my blood pressure is down to 117/70, cholesterol down in the 180 range (from a high of 220), 22 pound weight loss to within 9 pounds of my goal weight (to achieve normal BMI), and general resistance to illness; and 5) the capacity now to have fun in High Sierra backpacking, rather than be limited to “survivor” mode.
David has been an extremely competent trainer, and I appreciate his patience, positivity, sensitivity to my particular conditions, ingenuity that makes every session efficient and all-encompassing, and gentle spirit. He has earned my trust, and I highly recommend him to anyone needing a personalized approach to physical fitness.

Rev. Mary Naegeli
Walnut Creek, CA


Clarity, Presence, Compassion

David Beaudry is an awesome qi gong instructor and practitioner.  He showed a great deal of clarity presence and compassion when I went to his class.  He has many times skillfully aided me through times of emtional distress and upset by being a loving ear and heart filled friend. I would recommend him to anyone seeking counseling or wanting to start a qi gong practice.

Word Smith
Whole Food Nutritionist and Master of Medical Qigong