Medical Qigong Therapy

What is Medical Qigong Therapy?

Qigong healing occurs through balancing the Qi or electromagnetic energy that surrounds and pervades all living creatures.
Medical Qigong therapy is the oldest therapeutic modality of Traditional Chinese medicine. Along with acupuncture, herbal medicine, and medical massage it is one of four main branches of TCM. The practitioner, after years of study and self-cultivation, is able to sense and manipulate energy. He or she restores health and wellness by emitting and directing qi to the client and/or by teaching Medical Qigong exercises and meditations based on a diagnosis rooted in Chinese medical theory.

How does Medical Qigong work?

Every cell in your body is a form of energy.Your thoughts are also a form of energy. Sickness, whether it manifests physically, mentally, or emotionally, is also a form of energy.
Energy can not be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed. In fact, energy is constantly in the process of transformation. The only question is whether your body’s energy is transforming for better or for worse. Qigong healingĀ  transforms the energy patterns that are the root causes of sickness. Qigong practice can help you do the same by correcting these bio-energetic imbalances and blockages. You thereby strengthen and regulate the internal organs, nervous system andĀ  immune system, relieve pain, regulate hormones, and strengthen and release deep-seated emotions and stress.

Causes of Dis-ease

Disease or dis-ease is caused by energy blockages in the body. Usually this means too much or too little energy in one place. Either way, your energy is out of balance, causing your body’s natural healing system to break down and malfunction. Energy is most commonly blocked by negative emotions and stress.

Other disruptions in the electromagnetic energy of the body include:

  • poor diet
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • injuries
  • surgery
  • suppression of emotions
  • aging

Medical Qigong Sessions

A Medical Qigong session lasts approximately one hour. Initial sessions may be longer.


The practitioner assesses the physical, emotional, and energetic condition of the client. On the basis of this assessment, he or she will formulate a treatment protocol.


Qi passes through air and clothing, so there is no need to disrobe. The practitioner often works about a foot away from the client’s body, and sometimes lightly touches the client to guide and manipulate the movement of Qi. As the Qi moves, you may feel varying sensations such as warmth, tingling, coolness, vibration, and sometimes twitching as stagnant energy is released.

You are likely to find the treatments extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. A release of suppressed toxic emotions may occur uncomfortable emotions that have been suppressed and have an emotional release either during or after the treatment. This is greatly beneficial to one’s psychological, physiological and spiritual well-being.


After a treatment you will be given Qigong Medical Qigong exercises and meditations to assist in your ongoing healing. These will be tailored specifically to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.


Medical Qigong Treatments are $150 per session and I also work on a sliding scale. Please call or email me to set up your free 30 min consultation.