What is Qigong?

Qi” means life-force energy and is within everything in existence. Everything is a form of energy or consciousness.

Gong” means cultivation, practice or skill.

According to ancient Qigong masters, Qi permeates every square inch of the Universe. Qi is everywhere, yet it’s nature is elusive. Quantum physics has verified this energy calling it the “Unified Field of Energy” that is all encompassing. This field of energy animates all of existence. Everyone is receiving energy from the earth and sky unconsciously at all times. Qigong gracefully increases the amount we receive by using our intentional mind (meditation), our breathing, and our physical movements.

The ancient super heroes of our time, the samurai, the ninja, the martial arts masters of the world all practiced the mastery of body, breath and mind. This is the Mastery of Qigong.

It’s time to awaken to our gifts and Qigong is the way to unlock them.

How does it help?

Qigong enhances the quality of life through deep conscious breathing which helps increase blood flow, open our energy channels and balance our physical, emotional, and spiritual energies.

Most important benefits:

Immediate stress relief: 90% percent of disease is caused by stress and lack of oxygen to the cells, brain and blood. Regular Qigong practice floods your body with fresh energy and oxygen to help your body heal, recover and deal with stress.
Increased focus and concentration: Focused attention increases the brain’s ability to make new neural connections. Qigong uses your focused attention, thus improving your mental abilities, just as muscles can be trained to get stronger through stimulation. You can train your mind to build new neural networks. We are increase your brain’s capacity to feel peace, joy and love. We expand your Mind-Body awareness through our practices. After a time, you will be changed at a cellular and neurological level.

Ability to perform under stress: Deep conscious breathing reduces stress immediately and allows more micro-circulation in the brain, which  increases oxygen and blood flow throughout the entire body. This allows you to react calmly in times of stress.

Ability to center your mind at will: Train the mind and it will respond. The more time you spend cultivating deep states of consciousness, the easier it is to get back there. It becomes a constant state of being and can be triggered at a moment’s notice.
This discipline is also called Integrative Body-Mind Training, which after just 11 hours of meditation, induces positive structural changes in brain connectivity.Efficiency is boosted in a part of the brain that helps a person regulate behavior in accordance with their goals. As a result, you can be fully present in the moment to face any challenge, or obstacle with clarity.