Personal Training

Integral Qi Training Workout Components

  • Dynamic Warm-up
  • Movement and Cardiovascular training
  • Core conditioning and joint integrity
  • Strength training
  • Stillness training
  • Myofascial release/stretching

What is a dynamic warm up?
The aim of any great warm-up is to fire up the entire neuromuscular system, increasing the temperature of the muscles and lengthening the fascia or connective tissue. This allows the muscles to generate more energy and force output, so that the body reacts efficiently to any demand put on it. It also helps prevent injury.

Just as important is waking up all the energy meridians in your body so you can feel the flow of Qi throughout your body. You then have direct conscious access to the subconscious functions of the nervous system, and musculo-skeletal system.

Your body will go through a full range of functional movement, challenging your balance, and increasing mind-body awareness, coordination and conditioning. When you are done, you should be sweating, as well as feeling the pulse of the breath and Qi move in your body. This connects you to the Intuition of your body and lower energy centers. You are now ready for anything!

TRX Suspension Training: Make Your Body Your Machine

Core Conditioning and Joint Integrity

What is the Core?
Hips, Abs, trunk, lower back

Your core is your energy center. You always move from here. The core stabilizes your spine and plays a major role in your posture. It is also referred to as your power zone. Your core is involved in all athletic movement specifically when generating force by twisting, throwing or rotating the body. When your core is strong it allows the proper transfer of strength from your lower body to your upper body.

We will train the core at multiple angles with varying resistances and speeds. Breathing exercises will enhance the connection to the energetic core allowing you increased power, endurance and control. Training the abs to stabilize against outside resistance will force your small stabilizer muscles to strengthen. Exercises that challenge your balance will also force your body to recruit more proprioceptors (nerve cells sensitive to information about movement and posture),  allowing your body to react faster and remain controlled.

How do I achieve joint integrity?

The foundation of your body is your joints, ligaments and tendons. You can imagine your ligaments and tendons as pulleys that facilitate the proper movement of your big muscles. Often we spend far too much time working our large muscle groups while neglecting the stabilizer muscles surrounding our shoulders and hips.

You are only as strong as your weakest link. We use Qigong, as well as Tai Chi exercises, to build strong ligaments and tendons and fill them with Qi. We also use sport cords, bands and balance work to improve the joint integrity of your hips, ankles, and shoulders.

Strength Training

Why Strength Train?
To see results in any program you have to build muscle. This necessitates strength training to improve muscle strength, stamina and power. This training also leads to an increase in lean body mass and a decrease in body fat percentage.

We use both traditional strength training, and innovative  fun tools like the TRX Suspension Training system, kettlebells, Superbands, and the BOSU Balance Trainer.

Strength training can amplify energy by increasing Lactic-Acid Efficiency, an important element in metabolism. Under controlled-fatigue training, the body becomes more efficient in metabolizing lactic acid and converting it into energy(Qi). The burn that you feel when intensely working out, is a result of lactic acid accumulation in your muscle tissues.

Power, plyometrics and movement

What is power?

The true meaning of power is the ability to generate as much force as fast as possible. A golf tee-off, a vertical jump, an Olympic clean and jerk, or swinging a softball bat are all examples of power movements. If you perform these actions slowly, they won’t be effective well. This is where plyometric training comes in.

What are plyometrics?

Plyometric training targets your fast-twitch muscle fibers which have the greatest capacity for growth. You can think of your muscles as insulation for the energy that runs through your bones, channels and the pulley system of the ligaments and tendons that move the skeletal structure. The more insulation the greater capacity to conduct current flow and generate Qi. However

Two types of muscle fibers:

  • Fast-twitch muscle fibers, are responsible for explosive muscle contraction like in sprinting, or jumping.
  • Slow twitch muscle fibers, are responsible for muscle endurance and stamina, as in swimming and cycling.

Everyone has both muscle fiber types and we train both.

Why are fast-twitch muscle fibers important?

When you build the fast-twitch muscle fibers you increase lean muscle tissue, explosive burst, and increase your metabolism and fat burning capacity.

By the time we reach age 50, the average adult has 50% less muscle in their legs, most of this loss is in the fast-twitch muscle fibers, which diminish if we don’t use them. We therefore lose capacity for activities such as jumping, sprinting, playing tennis or basketball.

Stillness Training

  • Exercises to bring your mind to stillness at any time
  • Learn to utilize “single pointed focus” to get into the Zone
  • Create physiological triggers in your body and brain to access Infinite energy
  • Learn to access the Zero point field and increase manifestation abilities
  • Learn skills to harness, emit and absorb Qi

Movement and your brain:

Why is movement important?
Getting your body moving, especially outdoors is also one of the best ways to kick-start your endorphins- the brain chemicals that turn off pain and induce relaxation and contentment.

The endorphin effect, commonly called the runners high, can be achieved by jogging, walking, qigong, tai chi, biking, hiking, or swimming. Exercising on stationary bikes, eliptical trainers and stair steppers can also induce it. Choose a activities that you enjoy; it’s important to mix up your movement/cardio training so you don’t punish your joints by overuse.

How does movement retrain and your brain?

When performing an activity like walking or jogging you are constantly firing neural networks in your brain. Your entire nervous system becomes synchronized with your movements. The ancient sages discovered this mechanism and embodied it in the practice of walking meditation, in which they narrowed their attention to each single step or continuously repeated a mantra while they walked. This enabled the sage to go into deeper levels of consciousness and harness single pointed awareness.

New neural networks are created through intensity and repetition. If you wanted to improve your skill at playing the piano, what would you have to do?
That’s right – practice, practice, and practice some more.
The same is true of any other ability.

The point is to get up and move everyday.

What kind of movement/cardio training will we use?
We will introduce you to interval style training, in which short bursts of high intensity alternate with longer, more moderate phases.  Steady-state conditioning, which we also do, takes place at a longer more moderate pace. Interval and steady-state training will sometimes be combined depending on the workout day. To keep things fresh and enjoyable we will also incorporate Full Body Stretching and Movement with the TRX suspension training system.

Ways to move:

  • Enjoy your life by walking and biking instead of using your car.
  • Go hiking once a week
  • Do your qigong at the top of a mountain and connect with nature.

You will be amazed at how your life begins to shift when you allow yourself time to exercise and retreat into the silence of nature.

Flexibility- listening to the body

Flexibility and stretching are key to maintaining peak performance, preventing injury and relieving chronic pain.  If you build too much muscle without proper stretching you can restrict range of motion and impede the flow of qi through the body.

Self myo-fascial release and the “Living Matrix”

Dr. James Oschman in his articles and his book Energy Medicine, the Scientific Basis — writes about the Connective Tissue Matrix [1] [2] [3]. Oschman also calls this “the living matrix”.

What is Fascia?

Fascia is the weblike sheath that envelops every muscle, tendon, ligament, nerve, vein , and artery of the body. It supports your organs and joints from head to toe, acts as a shock absorber, and is extremely rich in nerve supply. Your strength, flexibility, and fitness performance depend on it’s health.
The network: There is a web or matrix of collagen connective tissue (fascia) that is completely interwoven with all the body cells, tissues, and organs. It provides not only physical stability and structure, but also is believed to be the ground matrix for a high speed signaling network using biophotons and electromagnetics transmitted by liquid crystalline structures in the collagen. These structures actually form the basis and wiring for what is known as the Chinese acupuncture point and meridian system. For example, it is well known that the electrical resistance between classically established acupuncture points is less than that of surrounding skin areas. This living matrix then is channeling information as well as “qi” or lifeforce.

What is Self myo-fascial release?

Self Myo-fascial release is a way of applying deep pressure to major muscles groups to help break up tightness in the fascia tissue and muscles. This works on more than one level to increase flexibility, range of motion, and reduce chronic pain or postural imbalances. On a deeper level it helps open up your energy meridians, promoting the flow of Qi, blood and oxygen throughout the body.