A Food Revolution!

In our era of high technology and fast paced living we have seen a deterioration in our eating habits. Modern society has forgotten its connection to nature and the healing power of of organic whole foods.

“Heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes tear at the roots of our health because we aren’t wiling to make the necessary changes in our lives. More people are overweight or obese than at any time in recorded history.” – Todd Durkin, M.A., C.S.C.S,

It is time to become more conscious of the food we eat, learning where it grows and who cultivates it. Let’s eat what’s in season and support our local farmers. Let’s not mindlessly support industrial food juggernaut that is keeping us tired, overweight and drained of energy.

What we need is a food revolution! Realize you have a choice. You can go on eating unconsciously out of habit, stress, emotional comfort and/or just plain boredom or you can choose something new!

A Few Ground Rules

Drink Clean Fresh Water: This means consuming about half your body weight in ounces of water or herbal tea per day. So if you weigh 150lbs. that means a minimum of 75 oz. of water.
Eating organic fresh food with life-force energy and phyto-chemicals. Be guided by color and the scent. Go for veggies with vibrant colors and dark greens. Cucumber, broccoli, beets, eggplant, spinach, mustard greens and swiss chard. Consuming whole grains like quinoa or sprouted bread. Eating lean protein like organic chicken, beef (grassfed) or fish. Eating good fats such as avocado for healthy bowel movements and to let the body get rid of bad fat.

Eliminating foods that drain your energy, spike your blood sugar and make you crazy.

  • Processed Foods and Artificial Sugar
  • Wheat and Gluten
  • Overly acidic foods and drinks such as soda

What are Phytochemicals?

Phytochemicals are the key to a healthy immune system because they enable your body to get rid of toxins and heal naturally.

“Thy food shall be Thy medicine.” – Hippocrates

“The Universe has created a master healing device in each cell called Phase II Enzyme. This process enables any cell to detoxify itself from chemical waste and toxins, however the Phase II Enzyme process is only possible when stimulated by phytochemicals.”
Jeff Primack, Conquering Any Disease

What foods are Phyto-chemicals found in?

Phytochemicals are found in the cellulose fiber of whole raw foods and are hiding in the rinds, stems, seeds, and skin, of most fruits and vegetables.

Phyto-chemicals and the Immune System

Our body has the God given ability to heal as long as we give it the proper fuel. Phyto-chemicals boost our immune system through activating the Phase II Enzyme which is critical in fighting cancer and other auto- immune disorders.
This detoxification of each cell is what allows for cleansing of the blood and a return to health and vitality.

“Where blood moves, Qi moves. Where Qi goes, blood flows.” Thus the key to healing and longevity is bringing vital life force energy to to all systems and parts of the body. The goal is to keep this balance and never allow the river and streams of the body to become stagnant or blocked.

Enzymes: The Spark of Life!
Enzymes contain a spark of Qi, and therefore it requires the input of Qi to produce them. Overcooked, processed and denatureed foods put tremendous demands on the body’s enzyme capacity because more vital energy is needed to break these foods down than they subsequently provide.

Bottom Line:
We want to eat foods that give your body energy, increase your capacity to burn fat and heal naturally. Our body knows what to do, we just need to give it the right fuel so it can do it’s job.