Breath Work

Breath and Life

What is the one thing that stays constant, that never changes in one’s life?

The one constant that always remains in your life is your breath.

Your breath is the bridge to the Universe.

Each inhalation is an awakening. Each exhalation is a death. We are being reborn every moment.

What are the spiritual benefits of breathwork?

  • deepen your meditation practice and spiritual awareness
  • increase intuition and instincts
  • release stagnant emotional energy to experience increase states of peace and happiness
  • clear energy meridians and chakras to become a more pure vessel.
  • tap into the “zero point field” to expand time and increase power of intention
  • Experience profound states of bliss, joy, and peace
  • Relive stress immediately
  • Experience “Satori” – sudden states of enlightenment and expanded consciousness

Breathing during exercise:

Proper breathing is critical for performance and overall health. Deep breathing alkalizes your system, and reduces the acid-stress factor on your body. Giving you more energy and increasing recovery time. Deep inhalations (from the diaphragm) followed by deep exhalations supply your tissues with vital oxygen, while eliminating carbon dioxide. Conversely, shallow breathing causes an oxygen deficiency and retention of carbon dioxide, which accelerates the build-up of carbonic acid in the blood. Poor oxygenation to the cells, and overly acidic system leads to muscle fatigue and stiffness, and stress-related exhaustion.

Breathing and healing:

Disease thrives in the de-oxygenated condition from constant stress and shallow breathing. Conversely, if you flood your body with oxygen and Qi, they flush the body of toxins and boost the vital life force within you.

Conscious breathing helps oxygenate the blood, allowing Qi and Blood to get to areas of the body it normally doesn’t reach, such as; cells, glands, organs, and meridians.
Where the mind goes Qi will follow. Simply focus the mind on the breath and open to the Universe within you.

Connect to your breath to cultivate energy for health, emotional/spiritual well being, and increased performance in everything you do!

3 styles of breathing

  • Scholar’s Breath – from the abdomen
  • Warriors Breath – from the chest and diaphragm
  • Dragons Breath – combination of the two for full oxygenation of the lower and middle energy centers

4 primary breathing practices

  1. Dan Tian Breathing
  2. Breath Empowerment
  3. 9 Breath Method
  4. Dragons Breath

The 9-Breath Method is one of the most powerful breathing technique’s I know.
It’s fast, it’s strong and it works! The feeling is pure bliss.