Love Activation and The Living Enlightenment

Love Activation and The Living Enlightenment


BIGGEST MESSAGE FROM THE UNIVERSE in 2012 thus far: Love Activation and the Living Enlightenment!

What has your 2012 been like? What lessons are presenting themselves for you? What have you learned?

I’ve learned that Enlightenment is not some place in the future. Enlightenment is not some state of consciousness only accessible to a few saints, yogi’s and masters.

The Living Enlightenment exists right now!!! It exists behind and within the mundane reality and is always accessible. The higher levels of consciousness begin to open to us with Unconditional Love and Acceptance.
Be patient with yourself as we all collectively remember how to trust deeply, surrender completely and live from the heart.

Love Activation VLog:

Activate Unconditional Love and Acceptance.

The keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth are in your Heart! You don’t need to “do” anything. If your heart is open and your intention pure, then simply “Being” is enough.
There is no one you have to be. Nothing you have to do. There is no important work to do.

Accept every aspect of your being, both the Light and the Shadow.  Accept every situation that manifests in your life as your perfect teacher.
The Enlightenment has already occurred inside of you. Now it is time to reveal what has always been there.
There are many levels to enlightenment and self-mastery, it is an infinite journey into the unknown and a fantastic adventure!

The last six months of my life have been a wild comic rip through the universe!

The frequencies of Light are getting brighter each day and the lower density vibrational  thought forms/emotions are getting louder but less frequent as the ego prepares for death and transfiguration. I can feel the old patterns of ego identity testing me and “pissing me off” every now and again. With compassion I simply look at myself and CHOOSE in the moment whether to follow an old pattern or create new pattern of being.

AWARENESS is one of the major keys. Awareness is simply having the consciousness to observe your self, your actions and how you create reality without judgement. Are you making conscious decisions in your life or not?

Are you making a decision from reaction and old patterns? OR are you making that same decision with awareness? Become astutely aware of the words you use. This will give great insight to what is manifesting before your eyes.

Awareness allows us the capacity to look at our shadows without judgement and turn the darkness into Light. Allowing the Shadow frequencies within our DNA to transmute into the Gift frequencies of higher emotions such as love, openness and acceptance.

My top lessons from the Universe during the first 6 months of 2012, the year of the Dragon:

1. Transparency-

Is about Being a clear mirror. My external reality will mirror the state of consciousness I am in. The quality of your consciousness decides the experience of your reality. If you love what you are manifesting, and life is giving you contentment with True purpose than be grateful. Then ask, “How can I open to experiencing new states of love and contentment in my life?”

If you don’t like what is around you, look at what you can change inside first. Be the change you seek to see. Transparency means being open, honest and genuine to your self and God first. Being transparent means letting go of your ego “roles” and stepping into new roles that are unfamiliar. Step into expanded roles that may be uncomrtable. Let go of the known, to open to the Unknown potential that lies just beyond.

2. Effortlessness –

How can I be more effortless? How can I do less and accomplish more? Effortlessness means, You are never striving or fighting up hill to “make” things happen. You are never trying to impose your “will” on something. Why bang your head on the wall, when you can step effortlessly through the open door? Water doesn’t try to flow, and grass doesn’t try to grow. Find simplicity in knowing that you are guided be God and the universe. Be simple in thought, word and action. Simplify and organize your mind, to simplify and organize your life.

With effortlessness comes simplicity in action and thought which allows one to return to the source of being.

3. Discernment –

First it means having the awareness to discern Truth from Falsehood (Read David Hawkins Power vs. Force to learn more). Am I making choices from my higher emotions with clarity or am I lacking self awareness and discipline? Am I able to observe when people are speaking authentically and when they are speaking from a place of “ego identity”?

Where thoughts go energy flows. Are you being discerning about where your thoughts, time and energy go?

Focus your Qi! What you think about, you bring about. Be discerning of who and where you put your precious time and energy. If it does not resonate fully with your being and purpose ask yourself, “Why am I doing it? Are there opportunities and experiences that feel in more alignment with my heart and soul? If yes, then make a practical step in choosing something new.

WRITE IT DOWN!! This is the key to manifestation and tracking how you create your reality.

What are your top three priorities in your life right now? What agreements are you finishing up with? What new agreements are you making with yourself and the Universe?

Cut the fat off the edges. Meaning cut out the relationships, whether personal or business that are more trouble than they are worth. When you spend time with this person or think about this situation does it bring you excitement or does it feel like a sticky mess?
Streamline your life through understanding your top priorities and giving your TIME and ENERGY to only that which is in alignment with your Truth and purpose.

What has life unfolded for you during the last six months? Would love to hear your thoughts.
Reflect as we move into the Full Power of Summer and the peak of manifestation. May you be guided and blessed on your journey!

Big Love!

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David Beaudry

Teacher, Visionary, Poet, Lover. I am apart of a group of Universal Mentors teaching spiritual technologies and techniques to unlock your unlimited potential!



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