How to Inspire your life

How to Inspire your life



On the way to the new enlightened you

What is the first phase in the process of evolving your consciousness?

Phase 1: Find out what inspires you…

  • What am I passionate about?
  • What do I love?
  • What causes or ideals stirs me to action, compels me to speak up despite my fears?
  • To whom or what am I dedicated to?
  • What creative activity so absorbs me that I lose track of time?

Do what you love. If you’re already doing that, do it more! It’s your doorway to an elevated consciousness, your doorway to joy.

Don’t put this off until tomorrow or next year. Do it now-right this second! What are you waiting for? Your soul is calling. Answer the call!


Spend more time doing what you love. Period.
By doing that you will be vibrating in the Consciousness of Love and joy,
thus bringing that state of being into manifestation faster.
If you want something to change. Don’t hope. That brings more hoping.
Be it. Be it now! Right this second.

Phase 2: How do we re-Inspire ourselves everyday?

Now that you’re inspired, the challenge is to stay inspired, because your old self will try to tell you that nothing has really changed that your life situation is the same, your relationships are the same, the things that hold you back are the same.

But don’t worry, you’ve only just begun this journey. And something of vital importance has changed – inside your heart and soul. External reality just has to catch up with your new level of consciousness!

Keep your senses open for the small confirmations that the universe is giving you – the synchronicities, the fleeting “messages” that you overhear, the chance meetings with new or old people,  the unexpected ease in accomplishing a task, moments of sudden elation. . .
The key is you have to stay open to the signs, the coincidences, the

Step Three: Real signs your living your new reality? The “Endarkenement”

The term “endarkenmnet” refers to the realization that when your truly walking the spiritual path you will go through dark periods revealing unconscious patterns keeeping you from full realization. This allows you to remove the old shadow frequencies within your DNA, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies and live from a new space. The endarkemnet process is an important marker on the Path to Living Enlightenment.

This is kind of what it looks like:

The universe is beginning to speak to you soul, but then something seemingly
“bad happens.”
Something “bad happening” is a real sign that you are totally changing your
reality because the old part of you is dying. Your ego is dying and it’s
afraid to die, it doesn’t like change.

So something “bad” may happen that actually is a blessing in disguise
trying to test you.
It’s something that really challenges your core belief and the Integrity of
your Heart.

At this moment you have the choice, choose the old you or the new?
Old belief…life sucks, the sky is falling OR
New belief…life is my playground, the sky is falling only because that’s
what I was creating by always focusing my attention on it and believing it to be true.

Focus on the Now, on the New you.
Once you choose the new, now comes the BIG OPPORTUNITY, it may appear as a
challenge though. Don’t let that fool you.
The opportunity is this….

You get to open up to inspiration every day?
Because to re-create your life you have to stay inspired or else the matrix will try to pull you down. The old paradigm will grab at your heels. And apart of you will want to fall
back into those old patterns. Why? Because they are familiar. They are what
you’ve always know.

It’s scary not knowing exactly where this New life is taking you, but it is
better than you could ever imagine.
You just have to let go of the old pattern and Wake up new every day!
Let go of the old you with love and gratitude for it has got you where you
are today. Show your old self some LOVE =)

Then, step boldy into the New Reality and go somewhere you’ve never been

Experience something you’ve never experienced before. Feel new
emotions you’ve never felt before.

So I ask you again: How do you re-Inspire your Life? How do you create your day?

Write down three things that inspire you right now. Don’t wait.

Write down one thing you’re going to do everyday to Re-Inspire your


About the Author

David Beaudry

Teacher, Visionary, Poet, Lover. I am apart of a group of Universal Mentors teaching spiritual technologies and techniques to unlock your unlimited potential!

  1. Oshanna says

    I am curious as to what other peoples daily inspirations are. I like to meditate and do kundalini yoga, but I want to know what other people like to do so as to incorporate something else to help spark my fire more.


    • Magda says

      This does look pormsiing. I’ll keep coming back for more.


    • Etty says

      That’s really tihkning out of the box. Thanks!


  2. David Beaudry says

    Hi Oshanna, one of the most important things I do every day is I read some form of spiritual inspiration in the morning with hot tea. I read for about 5-10 min, and that’s enough to start my day with the right mind frame. Right now I’m reading the Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak about half a page each morning. Other mornings I like to read Rumi or Hafiz’s sacred poetry. If you would like more book suggestions for morning reading let me know. I also do Qigong most everyday either afternoon or evening. This is paramount in staying balanced emotionally and keeping a clear heart-mind.

    In the evening before bed I love chanting mantras. I can feel the sound vibrations elevating my consciousness and it puts my mind and soul in a great space for dream time. If any one of these things resonates try it out. By no means do you have to try any or all of them. Much Love!


    • Brysen says

      These pieces relaly set a standard in the industry.


    • Susie says

      I had no idea how to approach this before-now I’m lcoekd and loaded.


  3. Brysen says

    As Charlie Sheen says, this atrcile is “WINNING!”


  4. Gertrude says

    Right on-this hlpeed me sort things right out.


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