Evolutionary Leap: Year of the Dragon

Evolutionary Leap: Year of the Dragon


This is a most auspicious year for many reasons. The Ancient traditions of the Mayan, Egyptian, Hebrew, Hopi, and even early Christian traditions speak of 2012 as the dawning of a new age of consciousness.


It is verified by a number of scientific sources that our entire solar system is going through a high energy “photon belt” toward the center of the Milky Galaxy. Humans have never existed on the planet with these types of high frequency energy bands bombarding the planet. This cosmic light is effecting us at a genetic level, look into the works of both David Sereda and David Wilcock. Wilcock’s book is called The Source field Investigations and provides great scientific insight to the nature of the lost civilizations and what’s happening during this “Evolutionary Shift” in consciousness that the prophecies speak of.

As it is the year of the Water Dragon, we can be sure it will be filled with rapid transformation yet smoother than previous years as the water element brings a sense of calm to the ever changing nature of reality. The Dragon is the most majestic and powerful of all creatures in both Eastern and Western Myth. We are living the modern myth and creating the story as we live it.

Ride the Dragon wings of your highest intentions, dream bigger then you ever have, reach farther then you think you can, for life will be better than your wildest dreams if you are ready to surrender your doubts and Trust in Spirit.

The themes that have presented themselves for 2012 the Year of the Water Dragon, which begins today is three major things: What are yours? What are your hearts intentions?
1. Effortlessness – “Saying no to the good, to say yes to the Great!”
Meaning having the discernment to say no to people and opportunities that seem good or exciting in the moment, so I can say Yes to the Great opportunities that are awaiting me if I’m patient. By getting clear about my intentions and what I am intending to manifest I know easily and effortlessly what is in alignment and what isn’t. I know in my heart when something is in alignment or not, and when something feels stagnant or blocked despite my best efforts, then it’s time to cut the fat off the edges, let it go and move on.
I say, “Yes, to allowing my life to unfold effortlessly in thought, word, action and deed.” Knowing that when I’m in alignment with the Highest Good opportunities, projects, people, money, etc. manifest easily and effortlessly into my field.
I AM the creator being born in the creation. I AM the flow of the Universe becoming conscious of itself. I AM the Cosmic Sun burning inside of you. I AM that I AM and there is no other. I surrender to the God in the highest, so that I may be a vessel through which the Divine waters can flow through.
2. Trust – “Trusting that I am always supported by the Universe no matter what”
This is having full Trust in your self and the Universe that every moment is divinely orchestrated, if you find yourself in an amazing, difficult or awkward situation “trust” that it is your perfect teacher. For it can be no other way. You have created this and allowed this to manifest in your field consciously or unconsciously. Take full responsibility for your life and Trust that every step you take is being supported by your “I AM PRESENCE.” or God essence.
3. Patience – “Everything happens in perfect timing as I am constantly guided by Spirit and allow life to unfold before me.”
Be patient like water. Never rushing before it’s time and never falling far behind. Feel if you may be rushing into something and making decisions out of agitation, worry, fear or reaction. Patience is closely linked to trust, for when you trust in life, you will trust in every moment and always remain in the flow.
“The more you are able to settle deep into trust and patience with the rhythm of your own life, the more your heart will open and the softer and more yielding you will become in your attitude to everything and everyone that comes your way.” ~ Richard Rudd
You become so present that time ceases to exist and patience is the underlying ground from which you walk into timelessness.
Heaven on Earth lives in your heart now. Remember who you are and as you give yourself permission to fully shine your light with unconditional love, you naturally help others remember to awaken their light as well. The time is now!

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David Beaudry

Teacher, Visionary, Poet, Lover. I am apart of a group of Universal Mentors teaching spiritual technologies and techniques to unlock your unlimited potential!



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