Enlightenment is coded in your DNA

Enlightenment is coded in your DNA


The Keys to Enlightenment are coded in your DNA and activated by your Heart!

Somewhere deep within your DNA lies a code whose sole purpose is to trigger the state we call enlightenmnet. In certain vehicles the body picks up a specific set of secret genetic instructions and triggers the neurological process of enlightenment. ~ Gene Keys, Richard Rudd

There is countless scientific research now describing that we can affect our biochemistry and turn on or off certain gene codes in our body actually allowing our DNA to hold more light. You can see work by Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden and Richard Rudd to name a few. Our DNA is most effected by our emotional environment. And all emotions are felt through the heart. When you are in alignment with your Heart you are in full coherence with the True Nature of Reality. Your heart creates a torroidal field that extends beyond your body several feet and as you activate your Mer-ka-Ba this field can extend even further to 50 feet or more.

The more coherent you are the stronger the field and science has proven that this affects the electro-magnetic fields of reality around you. People can feel this and are affected by this at an energetic, subconscious and superconscious level.  Which is why when you are around certain people you may feel more peaceful, calm and happy. While other times a person may affect you negatively in which you feel stressed, nervous or angry. This all happens without a word being shared. This is why for thousands of years people from all walks of life travel far distances to be in the presence of an enlightened being, master, sage, guru and so forth. The transmission is through the heart field and received to the degree that your heart is open. If your heart is closed how can you feel the presence of God? If your heart is closed how can you truly feel love and compassion? Let go of the old stories and emotions that no longer serve you, that are no longer resonating in your heart. Feel your raw emotions, accept your shadows and heal your heart.

 As you transmute the shadow frequencies within your DNA and raise your vibration you begin to operate from your gifts, not your fears. This allows you to pick up higher frequencies of information within the invisible world around you. It’s like awakening your 6th sense. When you’re operating from your heart you are open to receiving more energy, more information, more love, and more light from all interactions in your environment.

The Heart’s Intelligence

It actually makes things quite simple, for once you awaken and live in your heart, your decisions are no longer made from the thinkingness of your ego-driven intellect but from the coherence of your heartfield. This is a profound, ancient and simple secret of manifesting Heaven on Earth. Be guided by your heart, forgive, and accept every part of who you are so you can create from love, not fear. Our Heart is 5000 times more powerful than the magnetic field of the brain. As Gregg Braden reminds us, the language of the human heart heals the separation that has lead to the greatest crisis of recorded human history that we are now experiencing. The wisdom traditions have pointed to this time for thousands of years and this massive crisis is helping to shock our system and awaken us from this dream of separation. There are no accidents in this world and we are being challenged on every level of our being to look at the world we are creating through our choices, intentions, thoughts and actions. This world is merely a hologram and a reflection of our collective thoughts and beliefs.

The world will only change to the degree that we can change our internal state and learn how to live in our hearts, thus effectively shifting the collective consciousness.


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Teacher, Visionary, Poet, Lover. I am apart of a group of Universal Mentors teaching spiritual technologies and techniques to unlock your unlimited potential!



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