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The Small Insight: Split second awareness

I had a great realization yesterday! There is no separation between your spiritual practice and your life. Everything that we do in our life can be another way to practice qigong. Qigong simply means energy skill, in other words the skill we have to clearly communicate with all energy in the universe. This is not […]


Jedi Gear: TRX, A Must Have

It is paramount that one has the most essential gear to stay in peak condition all year round. I travel with my TRX suspension trainer wherever I go. I can do strength training, cardio and stretch every part of my body with this lightweight device. It allows me to live at my edge and maintain […]


Autumn: Less is More! Increase energy by doing less!

Harvest your Gifts and water the seeds of wisdom within. “In autumn the leaves turn vibrant colors, signifying the point of a cycle wherein all things begin to conserve and store themselves internally for nourishment, while externally life appears to be fading. The tree is preparing to protect itself as its branches gather their fruits […]


Shadow, Love and Enlightenment

Shadow, Love and the Living Enlightenment Our collective awakening is happening through the willingness we have to face our shadows and open to experiencing unconditional love for self. Don’t fight your Shadow, Embrace it!! 3 Tips for recognizing your shadow and letting go of negative emotion: 1. Allow yourself to embrace the shadow aspects of […]


How to Inspire your life

  On the way to the new enlightened you What is the first phase in the process of evolving your consciousness? Phase 1: Find out what inspires you… What am I passionate about? What do I love? What causes or ideals stirs me to action, compels me to speak up despite my fears? To whom […]


The Core of Being

At the core of our Being lies an Inner Light, A knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that this Life is a gift. The Buddha once said, “Rare is it to be born a human, rarer is it to here of enlightenment, rarer still is it to seek enlightenment.” Breath in and empty your […]