Keys to Maximize Your Qi during the Fall season

As I take a whiff of the crisp autumn air and burnt smell in the breeze I am overtaken by a magical feeling of melancholy. Watching christmas lights being set up on Shattuck Avenue and city streets across the country I am filled with both contentment and a deep sadness that comes with being a human. […]


Ancient Chinese Qigong Healing — Strengthens the Body and Cures Disease

Danica Collins For thousands of years, ancient cultures have understood the curative powers of movement and breathing. In the West, yoga and tai chi have captured the attention of the public and the media, especially with celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Matthew McConaughey stretching for the camera. But it’s the 5,000-year-old tradition of Qigong healing that’s quietly […]


Qigong Therapy – The Amazing Healing Effects of Sound

By Danica Collins One of the most astoundingly powerful treatments recently “discovered” by mainstream medicine is sound therapy — and one of the oldest forms of sound therapy comes from the ancient practice of Qigong (pronounced chee gong or chee kung). Qigong is a self-healing therapy that combines sound, vibration, movement, breathing, and visualization to heal […]


Athletic Enlightenment

5 Keys to the enlightened state Embracing the spiritual side of exercise can awaken your inner master. Five key principles to unlocking your potential for the “enlightened state” through movement. Take 5 minutes to watch and breath this in, You will be happy you did! What is enlightenment and what does it have to do […]


Love Activation and The Living Enlightenment

BIGGEST MESSAGE FROM THE UNIVERSE in 2012 thus far: Love Activation and the Living Enlightenment! What has your 2012 been like? What lessons are presenting themselves for you? What have you learned? I’ve learned that Enlightenment is not some place in the future. Enlightenment is not some state of consciousness only accessible to a few […]


Evolutionary Leap: Year of the Dragon

This is a most auspicious year for many reasons. The Ancient traditions of the Mayan, Egyptian, Hebrew, Hopi, and even early Christian traditions speak of 2012 as the dawning of a new age of consciousness.   It is verified by a number of scientific sources that our entire solar system is going through a high energy […]


The New Myth and The Shadow

 Your Place in the New Myth We all have the great opportunity to be living in a time of the emerging new myth. Up to now, most of our familiar myths have been centered around separation and duality: light and dark, good and bad, beauty and ugliness, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, King Arthur and […]


The Divine Matrix: Follow your heart

 The Divine Matrix and our resonant heart field is the bridge between our inner and outer worlds. The Enlightened Age is happening now and it’s being birthed in your heart in this moment! Remember who you are. Remember why you are on this Earth. It is a true gift to be alive at this momentous […]


Enlightenment is coded in your DNA

The Keys to Enlightenment are coded in your DNA and activated by your Heart! Somewhere deep within your DNA lies a code whose sole purpose is to trigger the state we call enlightenmnet. In certain vehicles the body picks up a specific set of secret genetic instructions and triggers the neurological process of enlightenment. ~ […]


The 3rd Awakening: A Short Story

Please listen to this living masterpiece as you read the story. It will  enhance your experience a thousand times. Listen and read with your Heart. ~ Love and Blessings Day 3: It’s 4:44am, pitch black and the winter frost on my window invites me to stay under the covers a moment longer. This is the third […]