Athletic Enlightenment

Athletic Enlightenment


5 Keys to the enlightened state

Embracing the spiritual side of exercise can awaken your inner master. Five key principles to unlocking your potential for the “enlightened state” through movement.

Take 5 minutes to watch and breath this in, You will be happy you did!

What is enlightenment and what does it have to do with Athletics?

 “The mystics and masters of the Ancient days called the enlightened state ‘ Satori ’ a realm of pure bliss and oneness with the universe.”

This is a transitory experience of enlightenment that can be felt during dance, movement, deep meditation, qigong, yoga, singing and more. It is a state of pure ecstasy that pours through the poet, the yogi, the jazz musician, the tap dancer and the snowboarder.

Modern day professional athletes and scientists call this being in the “zone” or “flow” and is verified by direct changes in the neural circuitry of the brain.

Both advanced meditators and professional athletes exhibit the capacity to go into the “Alpha” or “Gamma” brain wave frequencies during meditation or exercise. Scientists now know that during intensive periods of concentration there is brain synchronization that happens which allows for deep relaxation and calm. There is also a release of hormones in the brain that trigger the autonomic nervous system and prefrontal cortex, to produce lasting changes in mood and a decrease in levels of cortisol, the major stress hormone.

Work by James Oschman in Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and human performance shines great light on this subject.  

We are at an amazing time in history when modern science now validates thousands of years of ancient wisdom.

There will always be higher realms of human potential to explore and we are at the cutting edge of where “science meets mysticism.”

So the next time you are watching in “awe” as your favorite athlete perform miracles on the field or the court, know that they are tapped into another level of consciousness which allows them to access more subtle realms of instinct and insight.  When it’s the 4th quarter of the big game you better hope yourself , your athletes or your team know how to get into a state of calmness immediately, because the stress of high level competition whether in sport or life is what creates the great athlete from the average. And everyone has the capacity for greatness.

Open your capacity for greatness now!

Step into Self-Mastery and become a vessel for the Universe:

Practice and focus on any one of these for 40 days and watch the magic that will unfold in your life or sport!

5 Keys to Athletic Enlightenment

Become Pure Acceptance 

First, look in the mirror, smile and see the body you chose to house your spirit. Be grateful and accept every aspect of your being as perfect. Accept your unique talents and gifts fully, accept your “apparent” downfalls with love for that is where the greatest growth occurs. Second, when you are involved in a sport or activity accept whatever comes your way with calmness and equanimity. Don’t allow your emotions to take you out of control.


Become the Breath

If you find yourself in a stressful game time situation remember to BREATH consciously, slow your mind and your heart rate to allow your natural instincts to take over. The calm poise detected in masters of power such as professional athletes or master meditators is the culmination of a lifetime of discipline, breath control and unconditional surrender to the moment. Grace comes as one has the capacity to BREATH through any and all situations. Calmness replaces attempts to control the inevitable instabilities that are inherent in the game and in life.


Become Timeless

Get lost in the ‘now’ of your body and it’s placement in the environment around you. Notice your breath as it travels in and out of your lungs, observe your opponent with cat like awareness. Use your periperal vision also called, “soft gaze” in qigong to open up your capacity to the see energy and an expanded view of the field or court around you. You can practice this by doing a standing meditation looking into the horizon as far as the eye can see for a minimum of 3 minutes. You will begin to notice the micro-pulsations of life and energy moving around you, such as the birds, the trees, the wind, etc. You will notice any disturbance in the force. Another aspect of timelessness is realizing that “the next play is the best play,” meaning the fluid master does not bring the last moment into the present. Be free in the moment to react to any and all game time situations and you will never be surprised.

 Be Effortless

As the surfer becomes the wave and the snowboarder becomes the mountain, as the dancer becomes the drum and the football player becomes the catch, so the master becomes one with the currents and flow of the river of life. Become like water flowing fluidly around the rocks in the river, cooperating with the whirls and eddies along the way, the master becomes a skillful epitome of ultimate effortlessness and grace. As I became one with the mountain while snowboarding I heard a voice in my head, say “How can you be more effortless?” “Become pure effortlessness.” Use one of these affirmations next time your snowboarding down a mountain or preparing your mind for the championship game,

“I Am the effortless flow of the Universe.”

“My body and mind move effortlessly in the moment.”

 Focus – Become the movement 

Think less, feel more. Focus on your breathing. Be aware of your body within space that surrounds you. Pay close attention to your every move. Notice the weight as it shifts through your body. Become completely lost in the simple rhythms of the movement you perform. Allow yourself to focus on only that one movement you are doing at that one moment in time. There was no movement before and there is no movement yet to come, only the one you are performing right now.

Let me know what you discover and please share if would like! Post a message or a question on my Facebook page. Big Love!

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