On Life
This life is about creating yourself and co-creating the world you wish to live in with those you care about. It’s about living your Truth and aligning your decisions with what’s best for the greater good of all.
Life is our canvas on which to paint and our body is the paintbrush that allows us to express our love, creativity and genius. What do you want to be? What do you want to create? How do you want to express your gifts in this world? Let’s play this game called life the best we can. To be alive is truly a gift.


On True Fitness
There are plenty of physically fit people who are unhappy, perpetually pessimistic, and drained of spirit. Fitness is not about the size of your muscles, how fast you can run, or how much you weigh. It’s about the quality of your consciousness.

True fitness starts with emotional and spiritual wellbeing, which provides the foundation for a radiant body and mind. Study your consciousness and your emotions. When you develop deeper layers of your awareness you can manage stress successfully and perform at a high level anywhere, anytime.

Replace negative qualities with positive ones, and make your body and mind a tool for Consciousness.
Most importantly making a spiritual connection to both your inner and outer environment, so that you begin to trust in life.
“As you Trust life, You Trust your Self. As you Trust your Self, You Trust life.”

My Journey

As a former college football player, David has spent the last ten years of his life finding out how to improve human performance under stress and increase energy. This lead to a B.A. in Psychology, a Masters in Medical Qigong and a career as a Personal Trainer. He has taught Qigong with James Cameron, leads some of the largest Qigong workshops in the country through the Supreme Science Qigong Foundation and works with athletes, businesses, and the everyday workout warrior.

Qigong has an evolutionary effect on awakening human potential and athletic performance.
I have been an Athlete all my life and I always wondered what made the difference between great athletes and the average athletes at the professional level. Every athlete is gifted at the professional level but what is the magic that the greats possess that no one can seem to put their finger on?

This lead me to study psychology and personal training to understand how the Mind effected the body and what that that meant for both performance and health.

I knew there was a deeper piece I wasn’t yet aware of and in 2006 I went to a workshop about energy and healing called Supreme Science Qigong. I didn’t even know how to pronounce the word, yet after experiencing it’s powerful effect on my mind and the tremendous energy I could feel in my body I knew that this Ancient art was one of the keys!

This lead me to study Medical Qigong at the IIMQ (International Institute of Medical Qigong) and learn the powerful effect that our emotional, mental and spiritual states have on creating or healing disease within our body.

I realized that if you can use Qigong to heal a person with a chronic disease you could also use Qigong with Athletes to increase athletic performance, mental focus, and prevent injury.

Then the Big light went off inside! I realized that the difference between being great and being average is the quality of your consciousness. Meaning that the great athletes whether conscious of it or not were tapping into this Infinite Energy called Qi and going into states of consciousness similar to that of meditation allowing them to do amazing things.

We are learning that this capacity of consciousness can be trained and cultivated. It has been used for thousands of years by the Masters of the Ancient World.

These are spiritual technologies re-awakening in the modern age. You would have had to scale the mountains of Tibet to get this priceless knowledge at one time, now it is available to all those who truly want to awaken their human potential for greatness. I have learned over the last 9 years of athletics, personal training and Qigong Practice that Integrating Mind-Body Awareness Training is the key to performing at high levels and will make the difference between being great and being average.